C&E LED Lighting Pty ltd operate in association with C&E Energy Solutions as a group of professionals who offer the latest in technology products of the highest quality. We also provide many high standard services, provide free consultations and solutions regarding how to reduce your energy efficiently and economically.

C&E specialise in cash positive investments for commercial clients, by using our experienced financiers at very low green loan rates, often provided from lending institutions mainly banks. This means there are no deposits or outlay of any funds and we can offer a positive return on your investment from day one.

Our goal as a professional manufacturers and importers of LED Lights is to provide highest quality LED lights using the best LED chips mainly from USA and LED drivers in the market, as well as utilising the latest in technology designs and ideas. We guarantee and ensure the safe, practical and sustainable installation of lighting technology. C&E LED Lighting also provides consumers with a 70-90% decrease in the internal and external lighting applications for homes, offices, industrial districts, streets, sporting fields etc, all our LED products are designed to last minimum of 50,000 hours, some as high as 60,000.

We have outlined our specialties pertaining to the reduction of energy consumption below. LED LIGHTING C&E LED certifies the production of LED Lighting without UV or IR radiation, preventing RF Interference and flickering with an instant soft start. All our products have International CE, RoHs approvals including Australian Standards (SAA) where required. C&E LED Lighting Pty Ltd offers 4-5 year replacement Warranty for all types of LED lights. As manufacturer and designer of these special lighting products we are committed to the provision of high quality services and in offering any type of LED light. We have introduced and continue to implement many new ideas and products that do not exist in the current market.

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We are committed to providing with the most suitable solar power solutions, grid and off grid (hybrid) using the highest quality inverters, tier one, 270W –300W polycrystalline panels , hybrid ready & storage, offering LiPO4 lithium batteries. We will analyse your consumption and offer the best solutions for free. We only use fully qualified and credited installers with many years of experience of installing large commercial systems.

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Power factor is the ratio between the useful (true) power (kW) to the total (apparent) power (kVA) consumed by an item of a.c. electrical equipment or a complete electrical installation. It is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is converted into useful work output. The ideal power factor is unity, or one. Anything less than one means that extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand.

A simple analogy can be made to the froth on a glass of beer. Although you pay for the entire glass the froth represents a wasted portion which you can’t do much with. The same can be said for the consumption of electricity – you are liable to pay for the amount supplied even if you aren’t able to utilise all of it. Power Factor is a measure of this inefficiency and Power Factor Correction is the solution used to minimise these inefficiencies ,guarantees reduction in KWh (Saving Energy) as well as harmonic filter, elimination of emf/transient surge protect, our Australian award winning PFC device highly recommended by Energex.

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Our goal is to provide energy solutions that are affordable and sustainable. We are committed to contributing to an energy-efficient Australia, and only utilise the highest standards of products with longest warranties. We are continuously developing modern and practical solutions to our clients’ energy problems, and are always looking for ways to assist consumers in reducing their energy consumption, while contributing to a greener Australia.


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